State Department Announces End of Language Exams

Proficiency in a foreign language is no longer a requirement for candidates for officer appointments in the foreign service according to a bulletin issued by the State Department.

Examinations for appointments in Class of will be given in 17 major cities on September 8-11 to seniors and juniors whose interest lies in foreign affairs.

Between 200 and 300 men and women will be selected from this year's applicants under the recently liberalized entrance requirements. Examinations can now be taken at the age of 20, and prospective officers need only promise that a knowledge of a foreign language will be attained after appointment.

This change has been made to prevent loss by the Foreign Service of otherwise well-qualified candidates who have not had good language training. The new arrangement will permit candidates to take advantage of the superior language training facilities at the Foreign Service Institute, and perhaps to study language in the field.

Information about application for the examinations may be obtained at the Office of Student Placement.