Elephant Eight Passes Puritans

Eliot's first eight regained the House crew cup yesterday afternoon in the Charles River Basin by defeating four other House boats in the finals of the intramural crew season. Winthrop, previously undefeated in four races, finished a half length behind the Elephant, with Kirkland third.

Eliot covered the mile downstream course in he time of 5:21 against a slight headlined, with the Puritans finishing in 5:23.5. Kirkland's time was 5:30 and Leveret, in fourth place, had a 5:31.5 finish. Dunster's last place both finished in 5:35.5, only three and a half lengths behind the winners.

The Elephants, previously defeated by both Kirkland and Winthrop, started well at a 38 for ten strokes and then dropped the rhythm to a 30 1/2, which stroke Dugald Fletcher kept for the body of the race. As the boat passed under the Massachusetts Avenue Bridge at the three-quarter mile mark. Winthrop, rowing at a 33, was leading the Elephants by a length.

Then the Elephants gave it a power them, and began to gain on the Puritans. Fletcher put the stroke up gradually till it reached a 38 at the finish. Eliot caught Winthrop and for the last 20 strokes the Elephants were puling ahead. They crossed the line half a length ahead going away.

Eliot, coached by Sam Allen, has seven ex-members of the varsity squad rowing. The Elephants go to New Haven on Saturday to race the Yale College winner.

Dugald Fletcher captains and strokes Eliot with Dick Almy, 7; Tom Adams, 6; George Walcott, 5; Clem Despard, 4; George Ames, 3; Ned Davis, 2; and Club Morgan, bow. Dick Mann coxes the boat.