The Mail

To the Editors of the CRIMSON:

May I applaud your masterful editorial in defense of "splendid isolation" and in criticism of the so-called All-College Weekend? You are fighting for a noble cause to whose banner I rallied long ago. In 1948, as a member of the Student Council. That once august body has since much declined in stature and vigilance. (The CRIMSON has gained in both; the Lampoon has just about held its own...) But in those days there were a few foresighted stalwarts who could recognize a storm when they saw, hovering over the Yard, a cloud no bigger than the palm of a hand. The storm was then being brewed by the men who founded the Crimson Key. They were frustrated, for they wanted to be Big Men on the Campus. Their aim was creation of an environment which would make possible fulfillment of that ambition. We prevented the immediate fruition of their plans at that time, and you are gallantly striving to do the same today.

The storm nevertheless wrought its havoc last weekend. Worse-it threatens to become a seasonal catastrophe. Let us therefore remember that eternal vigilance is the price of maintaining the glorious status quo. Herbert J. Spiro '50 ('49)