Class Ode

(Reprinted from Class of '27 Album)

Let us call up the memory of days that are past,

Fruitful hours that have formed an ideal;

At the altar of truth be our offering laid,

When in reverence and homage we kneel,

For' the finest of seed--that of fellowship true--


That has flourished to a flower sublime,

Now we gather to offer this message of thinks,

Saying "Farewell" but not for all time,

See! The future is open, our paths varied, too;

For a time, long in years, must we part,

Let that loyal affection for Harvard make fast

Ties that bind all her sons heart to heart,

Keep open thy portals to welcome the youth;

Send thy sons into each distant clime--

Let each year bring a few to the threshold as now

Saying "Farewell" but not for all time.