Radcliffe Senior Get More Ticket

For the first time in many years 'Cliffe seniors will be able to get all the Commencement tickets they want, Mrs. John Maguire, College Marshal, announced yesterday. She gave three reasons for this sudden change in policy.

First of all, Mrs. Maguire said, this graduating class of 204 is the smaller in a long time. Seven percent of '5 received their degrees in March an several will not be returning to pick them up in person. Last year's senior class was an all-time high of 224.

In addition, she continued, for the first time, the 61 graduates of Radcliffe' Management Training program were given their certificates on the 31st of March and will not attend Commencement.

She also stated that "pure chance" is the reason why a large number of women who are receiving Ph.D.'s and A.M.'s will not be at Commencement exercises.

"Some 100 less persons than last year are marching in the '52 procession," Mrs. Maguire said.

Commencement ceremonies will start at 11 a.m. on Wednesday, June 18, in Sanders Theatre. Mrs. Vera Michelese Dean, foreign policy expert, will be the speaker.