The Mail

To the Editors of the CRIMSON:

Only today some member of our faculty unfortunately I do not know who--put a copy of your June 17, 1952 "Academic Freedom" issue of the Harvard CRIMSON into my mail-box.

I hasten to send you a note of congratulation on an important job well done.

You 12 pp. special issue is a noteworthy contribution not merely to the cause of academic freedom in the United States, but to the larger cause even of American education and of the freedom without which the very notion of democracy becomes an idle phrase.

Your Editorial also is worthy of praise. It is balanced and restrained, yet pointed and direct.

One could wish that this issue could find its way into every American home where freedom and democracy still mean anything. If so, it could go a long ways towards the end hoped for in your own editorial, namely that of "restoring academic freedom to the prestige it once held."

Again, my sincerest congratulations and best wishes. Paul A. Schlipp,   Professor of Philosophy   Northwestern University