The Sporting Scene

Getting Ready for Saturday

In case you missed it, this is to report that the varsity played football in the Stadium Saturday. What went on could hardly be described as a game, however. Coach Henry Lamar, the head linesman ex officio, merely plopped the ball down on the 40-yard line and pointed towards the opposite goal line. Then the "A" offensive unit went to work again the "A" defensive group.

Those in the sparse crowd who expected to see Mssrs. Clasby, Culver and Ederer put on a sparkling offensive show were disappointed. That was not the purpose of this controlled scrimmage. Coach Lloyd Jordan and his staff were watching for certain things as they shuttled players in and out. How many of the newcomers, mostly sophomores, passed the test of varsity competition in Harvard Stadium under game conditions is not known. At lest, Coach Jordan wasn't saying.

Thinking in terms of the opening game with Springfield Saturday, it is interesting to note what players Jordan used to start. The line-up on offense looked somewhat familiar to those in the stands who were in the Yale Bowl last November. At ends were Hank Rate and Paul Crowley and the tackles were Bob Stargel and Hank Toepke. John Jennings (subbing for the injured Eli Manos) and Art Pappas teamed at the center. First line center Buddy Lemay, uninjured but unwell, watched from the sidelines. The backfield was made up of Gill O'Nell at quarterback; John Culver, fullback; Dick Clasby, tailback; and John Ederer, wingback.

Opposing this team was a six-man line composed of (left to right) Bill Weber, Captain John Nichols, George Yazejian, Tim Anderson, Bernie. O'Brien, and Harvey Popell. The linebackers were Bob Hardy and Ron Messer. Bob Cowles and Paul Murphy were the halfbacks and Dick Duback was the safety man.

At the start of the scrimmage, the attackers found if difficult to advance. The defense was solid, with the only major gain of the first few minutes coming on a wingback reverse pass from Ederer to Clasby. Then, with the defense set for Clasby and Ederer wide to either side, fullback Culver took the ball for the first time. He burst through guard and galloped 25 yards in the end zone, almost, untouched. Culver did it again a few minutes later on a similar play. Jordan then withdrew his first team, which had hardly worked up a sweat. In went the second group, which labored mightily but got nowhere. In fact, the defense scored when Brian Reynolds, in at halfback, picked off a pass and returned it 50 yards.


When the "A" offensive team returned to action near the close of the scrimmage, Clasby began giving the on-lookers what they were hoping for. He broke loose for two runs of about 40 yards each, the second one a spectacular dash down the sidelines. The crowed, seemingly satisfied, offered up a spontaneous round of applause and began heading for the exits.

The goal posts remained standing.