Student Council Hears Freshman Orientation Idea

Meeting for the first time this fall, the student Council last night mulled over suggestion that the schedule of freshman events be changed around to include an orientation function early in the academic year.

William A. Magie '53, Chairman of the Undergraduate Schools Committee of the Crimson Key, presented a paper urging that:

1) There should be some orientation function for incoming freshmen.

2) The orientation function be substituted for the Smoker and be run by upperclassmen.

3) The Smoker be moved to the slump period between the Yale game and the Christmas vacation.

4) The Jubilee become a winter function, moving it up to where the Smoker had been.

The Council, took straw votes on the four proposals, approving the first and third by 9-0-2 and 8-3-0 votes. on the second and fourth, however, the Council voted 3-7-1 and 1-8-2.

Magie also proposed that the Council, the Crimson Key, and Phillips Brooks House sponsor the proposed orientation function. But, as Council president Richard E. Johnson '53 said last night, "the Council wasn't in agreement with all four proposals."

Magie's fourth proposal, dependent on the third, would remove the conflict between the Freshman Jubilee and the Crimson Key All-College dance, which in recent years have followed each other in the space of one week