March Draft Call 53,000; Defense Hints Father Call

The Army yesterday issued a draft call for 53,000 men in March.

Meanwhile, Selective Service officials indicated yesterday that deferment laws for students who marry in college will probably be changed so that on graduation they will lose their deferment status.

At present, a student who marries while in College remains non-draftable after graduation. Because of this, Defense Department officials said the military has lost more than a million men since the start of Selective Service.

If the change is made, University officials said 2058 married students would be affected. Of these, 97 are enrolled in the College.

Other than this, Defense officials predicted no other immediate changes in deferment policy for college students.

The heavy draft call for March is the same as February's.

In a report issued Monday. Anna Rosenberg, Defense Department's manpower chief, declared: "College deferments are postponements in the national interest to complete college training. They must not become virtual exemptions. When a man graduates, he should enter the military service even though he may have become a parent in the meantime."