Yardlings Open Season With Worcester Today

Freshman football coach Bob Margarita unveils this afternoon what has been heralded as one of the most promising backfields ever to represent the Yardlings.

The 1957 eleven, with two weeks of practice its only claim to unity, opens against once-tied Worcester Academy at 2 p.m. on Soldiers Field.

Margarita's array of all-conference backs will not include former Boston College High all-around athlete Bill Donlan, who was listed to start at quarterback today. Donlan is now at Holy Cross. In his place the freshman coach will have 180 pound Bob Hastings an all-conference back from Austin, Minn.

Margarita, is still undecided between six foot Mat Botsford, an all-Western Pennsylvania Leaguer, or Jim Joslin, an all-conference 195 pounder from Minneapolis, Minn., for the tailback position in his single wing attack. Both have been standout runners in practices.

Tony Gianelly from Medford or Paul Abrahamian from Somerville will open at fullback. Gianelly weighs 210 pounds, Abrahamian 195.

Line Not Up to Backfield

Line coach Jack Jordan has six foot Dick Brickman starting at left end. Brickman will be flanked by left tackle Bob Wynne from the Hill School and left guard Charlie Papalia, an all-star, all-scholastic from Watertown.

All-conference 212 pounder Ted Metropoulus from Aliquippa opens at right guard. Pete Meister from Belmont Hill plays at right tackle, and six foot Tony Markella at right end. Nobel and Greenough's John Newell starts at center.

Margarita yesterday scoffed at optimistic reports of his '57 eleven. "We've a little better than average backfield, and a little below average in the line. There's nothing outstanding about this team."

Worcester Academy opened its season last Saturday with a nothing to nothing tie against the Brown freshmen.