Crimson Soccer Team Downs B.U. In One-Sided Game Here Yesterday

Despite wholesale substitution and countless bunglings by the Crimson's soccer team yesterday, Boston University failed to creats the slightest illusion of a threat and went down to a 4-9 defeat.

So impotent were the visiting Terriers this goalie Pete Briggs made only two routine saves in the first half. His teammates, meanwhile, drove three goals into the B.U. cage for a halftime lead of 3 to 0.

Bobby Lloyd, starting left inside, got the first Crimson goal at 2:20 of the opening period. At 19:40 of the same quarter Alex Haegler put in the second. Midway in the next period Stacy Holmes booted a loose ball from 20 feet out into the upper left hand corner, the best shot of the afternoon. Marv Weiss scored the final goal of the game at 9:08 of the third quarter.

The Crimson defense had little chance to display itself since the ball banged around the B.U. half of the field for more than three-fourths of the game. Juan Rodrigues was the standout among the fullbacks. Lindsey Fischer, who replaced Briggs in the goal for the second half, turned in two excellent saves. On one of them he leaped high into a scramble of players at the mouth of the cage, and on the other he deflected a high, hard, long shot over the top bar.

Even with four goals, the forward line was unimpressive. On numerous occasions it failed to take advantage of loose balls in front of the goal. Even with all the starters in, the line was not at full strength since Bill Lingelbach was out with a cold and Godfrey Truslow was playing with his knee in a compression bandage.

Wesleyan is the varsity's next opponent, Saturday at Middletown.