Three Teams May Play in Bermuda; Hockey Team to Spend Vacation in West

Lacrosse Squad Men Favor Vacation Trip

A trip to Bermuda for the lacrosse, soccer and golf teams, in league with their Yale counterparts, became highly probable list night when 23 lacrosse players tentatively agreed to make the trip.

Soccer and golf players contacted individually have all signified enthusiastic interest.

"The plan originated when Crimson lacrosse and soccer coach Bruce Munro and William Harkness, assistant director of athletics at Yale, met last spring. Harkness, whose teams are definitely making the trip, extended a formal invitation to Munro in a letter on Oct. 1.

The teams would leave by plane from New York on Dec. 26, to return on Jan, 3. On the island they would play exhibition games with each other and possibly with other teams on the island.

Finances constitute the major drawback. Harkness estimates a conservative $140 minimum which includes round trip plane fare from New York. The H.A.A, has forbidden organized canvassing for funds, but Munro and lacrosse manager William C. B. Young '55 are investigating possible sources of revenue.

Need Faculty Approval

Among these sources, gate receipts at the exhibition games are the most promising. The Bermuda press, Harkness says, would give excellent coverage and promotion of the events. Soccer teams from Cornell, Yale, and Dartmouth received most of their expenses through gate receipts on their trip last year.

Official sanction for the trip must come ultimately from the faculty committee on athletics. The H.A.A. has given its approval although no formal request has been made from the teams involved.

The soccer team will held a meeting at practice this afternoon or tomorrow afternoon similar to the lacrosse meeting of last night. Coach Josh Williams of the golf team has not yet taken up the matter with his team.

Golf Captain Jack Brophy, expressing the opinion of his team, said "it's fine, but we're not sure if we can finance it. We haven't got the money now, and we're not sure we can get it in the near future."

Brophy added that his whole team was favorable to the idea, but that at present, until some method of financing the trip was found, chances are dubious.