Henry Shattuck Will Head Group To Study German War Sentences

Henry Lee Shattuck '01, Senior Fellow, has been appointed chairman of a State Department board to make recommendations for reducing German war crimes sentences.

As chairman of this new committee he will work with two Americans and a German committee to study war sentences. The German members of the Interim fixed Parole and Clemency Board were chosen last week.

According to the State Department announcement, "the Board is authorized, without questioning the validity of the convictions and sentences, to make recommendations to the competent United States authorities for the termination or deduction of sentences or for the parole of persons convicted by the war crimes tribunals."

Serving with Shattuck are Edwin A. Platt, career diplomat and former president of the International Control Commission in Tangler, and Major General Walter J. Muller.

Shattuck is currently a partner in a arm that manages trust and agency accounts. In 1942 he was elected to the accounts. In 1942 he was elected to the house of Representatives, and served for three terms. During five of these years he was House chairman of the Joint Committee on Public Service.

A resident of 84 Beacon Street, he received his law degree here in 1904.