Miss Radcliffe of 1957 to Be Named Tonight

The delicate question of who is the most beautiful member of the new crop of Radcliffe freshmen will be answered tonight as even lovely finalists gather at the Leverett House Dance in the last phase of the week-long contest.

The new Miss Radcliffe, who will hold her coveted title for one year, will be regaled with gifts from Square and Boston merchants. The new requirement for the coming title holder will be "wholesomeless" Previously, contestants were judged solely on face and sure.

The finalists promise to bring as much interest to this aroa as did the recent Marclano-LaStarza battle. No punches are expected to be tossed, however, since the runners-up share in both prizes and glory.

About the only certainty of the contest is that the winner will be one of the following: Carol Corby, Margot Dennes,' Louise Greep, Edith Grossman, Ann Houston, Deidro Hubbard, or Nicki Kulukundis. No betting edds have been issued.

The exact identity of all the judges is still a secret. Those known to have the ill-rewarding but pleasant job are Dr. Edwin Hunt, University anthropologist, Carroll F. Miles, Dunster House Senior Tutor, and Leigh Headley, Master of Leverett House. Rumors on who the other judges may be range from a noted researcher on female behavior to one of the trainers on a local football staff.


Miss United States, movie starlet Myra Hansen, and the board of CRIMSON editors spent long hours in exhaustive deliberation before narrowing down a field of 27 semi-finalists to the seven now remaining. The Crimeds had labored alone in order to pick the 27 from the entire Radcliffe freshman class.

In addition to the gifts to be presented to Miss Radcliffe '57, she will receive numerous modeling offers from local stores.

Contrary to recurrent rumors, Miss 'Cliffe will not receive the Ibis. The sacred bird is now in the hands of people reported to have little respect for feminine pulchritude.

The CRIMSON was unsuccessful in its efforts to reach the candidates last night for comment. It is not known whether the beauties were reading wholesome English assignments or getting their "beauty sleep."

This will be the second year in which Miss Radcliffe is to be named in public. Previously she was chosen privately at P.B.H.