B.U. Trustees Suspend Halperin Pending Review of Hoover Report

Boston University yesterday suspended Professor Maurice N. Halperin, chairman of the university's department on Latin American studies, on the basis of an FBI report that he was a one-time member of a Soviet espionage ring.

Halperin's name, according to Atty. Gen. Brownell, was included in the list sent to President Truman by the FBI at the time Harry Dexter White was up for confirmation as U.S. representative on the International Monetary Fund.

Boston University's statement suspending Halperin said that the board of trustees ended his official duties pending a re-study of his case by the university committee of review.

No Letter Last Spring

University officials pointed out that a letter from the FBI to Brig. Gen. Harry Vaughn implicating Halperin in communist activities was not available when they considered the professor's case last June.

At that time, the trustees retained Halperin on the staff but severely censured him for failure to testify before a duly appointed Congressional committee and for his uncooperative attitude and conduct before the University's committee of review.

Halperin's refusal to testify whether he was a Communist came during Senator Jenner's investigation last June. He also refused to testify if he knew Elizabeth Bentley, Alger Hiss, or others named in the espionage ring.

Following its June review of Halperin's case, Boston University announced that any further implications that the professor might have communist ties would bring on his suspension.