Plan Laid for Group Akin to Oxford Union

First plans were made last night for a University congress where students will debate and vote on controversial issues. Following the famed Oxford Union, Yale Political Union, and Princeton Student Senate, the congress will stage its first meeting early next month.

Preliminary plans for the congress, which will be the firs multi-political body in the College, were made at a meeting last night. They will be presented to the House Committee and the Student Council for approval. Some of the representation to the congress will come from the Houses and the Union.

According to Roger A. Moore '53, who called the meeting, all present agreed that the present network of political groups does not give students a chance to "lock horns with those of different political viewpoints." Two often, according to Moore, "members of each group discuss things only with people they agree with."

Moore urged all interested students to contact Hugh J. Schwartzburg '53 for details of the congress.

The Yale Union has four "parties," including Conservative, Bull Moose, Labor, and Democratic. Princeton includes Democrats, Republicans, and Independents.

Besides public issues, the Oxford Union debates literary and humorous subjects. Its resolution "that this house will not fight for King and country" raised a storm of controversy in 1935.