Rineharts, Wintergreens Vie for Basketball Title

Rineharts and Wintergreens will battle for the annual All-Star House basketball championship at 6:15 p.m. Monday night as a preliminary to the varsity's 8 p.m. contest with Pennsylvania.

The Rineharts are represented by Dudley, Lowell, Leverett, and Kirkland, while Dunster, Winthrop, Eliot, and Adams comprise the Wintergreen quintet. Those will be the permanent sides for future all-star games.

In selecting the teams, each House submitted a selection of players from the other seven Houses. From these ballots eight-man squads were picked to represent each team.

Lowell placed four men on the Rinehart squad with Kirkland landing three and Leverett one. At the forwards are Cliff Alexander of Lowell, Jim Urban of Kirkland, Paul Donovan of Leverett, and Bob Parent of Dudley. Playing center for the Rineharts are Kenney of Lowell and Lee Humphrey of Kirkland. Ken Woodman of Kirkland, Larry Corser of Lowell and Ted Briggs of Lowell are at the guard positions.

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For the Wintergreens Eliot was high with three men and Adams low with only one. At the forwards are Rudy Phillips and Bill Green from Winthrop, and Joe Oakley of Dunster. The guard posts are filled by Dan Seiner and Girl O'Neil of Eliot, with Ron Peyton of Dunster John Nichos of Eliot, and Duncan Stephens of Adams complete the team.

The team alignments were chosen after 20 years of basketball, football, and hockey competition had been evaluated and a composite made from the study. The Rineharts represent teams that finished first, third, fifth, and seventh in the standings. The Wintergreens are the teams that were rated second, fourth, sixth, and eighth in the 20-year evaluation.

Coaches for the two teams have not yet been announced.

The Rinehart-Wintergreen contest is patterned after the Open-Closed House all-star games, which were initiated in the fall of '51. All-star basketball has only existed for two years.

Kirkland, this year's House League champion, will play Berkeley College on Saturday, March 14 at 2 p.m. at Yale.

The first Crimson Bowl game between the Wintergreens and Rineharts ended in a 7 to 0 Wintergreen win, when the Rinehart fine collapsed temporarily in the third quarter.