Lowell Institute Council Is Under Consideration to Run TV Station

Plans for a non-commercial educational television station in Boston took a step forward following the announcement that the Lowell Institute Cooperative Broadcasting Council is under consideration to operate the proposed station. The Council is run by the University together with other Boston colleges and institutions.

Five private foundations offered "at least $500,000" to the state Tuesday to establish the station, which would utilize channel two in Boston.

Governor Christian Herter, who received the offer in his office, said the possibility was considered that the Lowell Institute Council would act as applicant for Channel 2.

Operated by Non-Commercial Group

The fund representatives said their offer "anticipated that the station would be operated by a private non-commercial foundation" and was "contingent on the assurances that funds from other sources, probably including a state appropriation, can be obtained for the operating and maintenance expenses."

The Lowell Institute Council at present operates Radio Station WGBH as a non-commercial enterprise.

It was announced last night that "Variety" magazine has selected WGBH for one of its 13 highest awards for radio and T.V. stations. WGBH was the only educational and the only F.M. station to receive this award.

Last Thursday night Griswold law club, which had the highest qualifying score of the eight quarterfinalists, topped Casner Equity.