Six 'Cliffe Dorms Elect Presidents

Six Radcliffe dormitories have announced their officers for next year. Presidents were chosen from the junior class and social chairmen from among the sophomores.

Members of the Class of '53 will begin voting today for permanent class officers. The posts to be filled are agent and two secretaries.

The presidents chosen were: Barnard, Jean Ross '54; Bertram, Noelle Blackmer '54; Briggs, Thalia Poleway '54; Cabot, Anne Jefferey '54; Holmes, Claire Martin '54; and Moors, Sue Sandel '54.

The dorms also named the following as social chairmen: Barnard, Joan Huth '55; Bertram, Mollie Storrs '55; Briggs, Clem Kuhlman '55; Cabot, Dale Dorman '55; Holmes, Jane Flanders '55; and Moors, Glorian Devereux '55.