Jobs 'Waiting' for Graduating Class

Seniors are getting more and better job offers this year than ever before, Lewis L. Newby, Jr., of the Student Placement Office, indicated yesterday.

"Many jobs are going begging," he said. "Hundreds of companies are competing for science majors, and there is a large increase in the demand for liberal arts students," he added.

"Almost all salaries are at least six or seven percent higher than last year, and engineering and physics students can almost decide their own salaries," Newby said.

Louis A. Toepfer, Director of Admissions of the Law School, said that since one-half of the Law graduates are going into the service, there is also tremendous competition for the remaining lawyers.

Newby emphasized that there are many companies which are willing and even eager to take students who are draft eligible. He said most students who will be drafted will probably be drafted in August or September, so there is time for them to enroll in a training program before then.