Varsity and 1956 Net Squads Play Brown University

Favored varsity and Yardling tennis squads meet Brown this afternoon on the Providence courts. The varsity is seeking its third straight shut-out.

Jack Barnaby will dress 12 men from his varsity squad for the match and will probably play them all. The Bruins have indicated they want to play more than the regulation six singles and three doubles. There will probably be ten singles and five doubles matches.

The Crimson had little trouble with the Providence contingent last year and will have the same winning team on hand today. Barnaby says he is "optimistic." But he expects stiffer opposition than his squad faced in its last two shut-out victories, over Bowdoin and Springfield.

Top match of the day will pit the Crimson's number one player, Johnny Rauh, against sophomore Doc Houk. The former Andover and Bruin freshman star was the outstanding player at Brown last year and has improved on the circuit over the summer. But Rauh, no slouch himself, is rated to win.

At number two for the varsity will be hard-hitting Captain Charley Ufford. Art French again goes in the third spot with Gene Mann four and soft-shot artist Don Bossart at five.

Regular six slot man Alex Haegler will only enter the singles competition if extra matches are played. He still has the last touches of a tennis elbow, and Dave Watts will probably play the six position.

For the freshmen, former Exeter star Ham Graven will be at the top singles spot with Brooks Harris at two and Conrad Fischer at three. Martin Hecksher, Bill Green, and Karl Purnell round out the first six.