Miss United States Arrives; Helps Select 'Cliffe' Finalists

Petite, smiling Miss Untied States and seven leering CRIMSON executives last night narrowed a field of 30 Miss Radcliffe semi-finalists to seven.

The seven finalists, chosen after over two hours of closely closeted conferences between Myrna Hansen, Miss United States, and the seven Crimeds are: Carol Corby, Marget Dennes, Louise Greep, Edith Grossman, Ann Houston, Deidre Hubbard, and Nicki Kulukundis.

Miss Hansen, who will not be able to be present at the final judging this Saturday, left a sealed ballot containing her selection for Miss Radcliffe with the CRIMSON committee. It will not be opened until the finals at the Leverette House Dance after the Ohio football game.

Commenting on Radcliffe girls as represented by the Miss Radcliffe semi-finalists, Miss Hansen stated, "I've never seen so many beautiful college girls together at one time, and almost every one of them was wholesome."