Committee Plans Smoker Auditions

The Frehsman Smoker Committee last night announced that it will hold auditions next week for students interested in performing at the Class Smoker.

Publicity Chairman Stephen L. Singer '57 said that the exact time and place has not been decided upon yet, but the auditions will definitely take place next week. Half of the entertainment at the affair will be student; the other half, professional.

At the same time, the Committee promised that beer would be served, but said that they will probably have to buy it retail. For the past two years, Smoker Committees have not been able to secure licenses to purchase beer wholesale.

Since by Massachusetts law, alcoholic beverages can not be sold to anyone under 21, the Committee will probably make the Smoker a "private party" as has been done before. The price of admission will be for entertainment and the beer served "free."

In the past, Smokers have been featured by the consumption of gallons o beer, and the entertaining of paid performers, especially certain female dancers.