Dartmouth Tops Soccer Team, 3-2

The varsity soccer team slipped back to a 500 record yesterday losing to Dartmouth--in Hanover 3 to 1. The Crimson has now lost two of its first four games.

The Green varsity jumped off to a lead early in the game on a goal by center forward and all-Eastern candidate Egil stigum after only 1:25 of play. Dartmouth, dominating play increased its lead just before the period ended, inside left "Butch" Wade getting the score. The crimson forward line worked the ball well, but the Green defensemen, Dick Roberts and Bob Vostal, kept the ball clear of the Green goal.

Hodnett Scores

The complexion of the second period was entirely different as the Crimson attack began to work. Green goalie Clem Malin found himself hard-pressed more than once, but except for an unassisted goal by center forward Grey Hodnett at 6:40, the Crimson could not score.

It the Crimson had notions of tying the game, Stigum quickly disposed of them early in the third quarter. After only two minutes he faked Crimson goalie Lindsay Fischer cut of the nets for the game's final goal.