U. N. Council Proposes F.M. Interview Series On Foreign Relations

The UN Council announced yesterday that it is negotiating with Boston FM radio station WGBH for a weekly program of interviews with prominent experts on foreign affairs.

In a proposal to the Lowell Institute-own station, J.C. Peter Richardson '56, chairman of the Council's Radio Committee, suggested that the program last 15 minutes, and be broadcast in the late afternoon of early evening.

The speakers, Richardson said, will come from the group that speaks at the regular Council's forums, which are also broadcast. The Council will also ask University faculty members and diplomats from the Boston area to take part in the interviews, which will be less formal than the forums.

Three broadcasters and reporters have agreed to conduct the projected interviews: Louis M. Lyons '20, Curator of the Nieman Fellows and a newscaster on WGBH; Arch Parsons, a former UN reporter: and Peter B. Kenes, who produced and wrote a program of UN news last year.