PBH Constitution Reduces Hastie's Financial Power

The Phillips Brooks House Association Cabinet last night unanimously ratified a new constitution which takes away the Graduate Secretary's powers over Association finances.

Under the new charter, the student president "shall be responsible for the solicitation of funds, shall countersign all checks drawn on PBH Association funds by the treasurer," and will in effect bear the financial power for the PBH Association.

The revised constitution was proposed jointly by Graduate Secretary Cornelius DeW. Hastie '52 and Association President Douglas W. Hunt '55. Hastie still retains responsibility over all PBH funds not designated for the use of the Undergraduate Association and continues to hold the right to allocate Association endowments.

Student Treasurer

The Graduate Secretary loses his position as treasurer of the Association, however. He will be replaced by a student treasurer, who will be appointed annually by the President with the approval of the Graduate Secretary and the Cabinet.

The by-laws of the new constitution also provide that the president, after formally consulting the executive Cabinet, can make recommendations to the President of the University or to the chairman of the PBH Committee concerning, the choice of a Graduate Secretary. This provision is apparently intended to avoid controversies such as that between the Cabinet and the University appointing committee in 1953 over the selection of Hastie as Graduate Secretary.