Last Yale Tickets Will Go on Sale At H.A.A. Office

Yale temporarily relieved the ticket shortage in Cambridge yesterday by mailing its few remaining unsold football tickets to the H.A.A. office. These will go on sale at noon today along with 70 standing room tickets left over after the rush for 500 S.R.O. tickets yesterday morning.

The Eli shipment--estimated at about 100--will first be used to fill late alumni requests, Frank Lunden, H.A.A. Ticket Manager, reported last night. The remainder will go to undergraduates and graduate students.

Students lined up yesterday as early as 7 a.m. for the 500 standing room tickets at the Boylston St. office.

Chance For Tickets Slim

In New Haven, the Yale ticket office has met all its major demands for its allotted block of 14,000 seats. "We took care of everyone who was on time down here," Jack W. Blake, Yale Ticket Manager, explained last night. "I sent these left-overs out of the goodness of my heart. Our graduate demand was light, but we could have sold a lot more. We've been receiving calls all day. But Harvard's situation was tight," he said.


Even with the Yale shipment, however, Lunden was pessimistic about chances undergraduates who filed late had of getting tickets. "We've got alumni money that's been sitting around here for two months. In the face of a sell-out, we can't keep a group of seats out in case a group of undergraduates comes in later in the week," Lunden said.

Undergraduates who filed their applications on time began picking up their tickets yesterday at supper.