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Richardson Will Start Petition Campaign Against McCarthy In Dining Halls on Monday

By William W. Bartley iii

An independent group of students here has begun a national "students for McCarthy Censure" movement.

Intended as a counter-force against the recently organized "Ten Million for McCarthy" organization, the group has already enlisted support from six other colleges, J. C. Peter Richardson '56, coordinator, announced last night.

Meanwhile, a group of prominent New York public figures--financial backers of Averell Harriman in the recent gubernatorial race--have promised support for a similar national citizens movement if the student campaign immediately succeeds.

Permission from Dean

Richardson and his group have obtained Dean Watson's permission to begin circulating petitions in the dining halls on Monday. Columbia, City College of New York, and Sarah Lawrence College have already begun similar campaigns. Columbia petitioners have obtained 1800 signatures. Over half the student body at Sarah Lawrence has signed.

Students at Radcliffe, Boston University, and the University of Vermont have also committed themselves to start collecting signatures early next week. Princeton and Yale probably will follow suit quickly, according to Richardson.

A group of 25 University students are assisting Richardson locally. Those taking part will attempt to contact friends in other colleges and in their home towns. Those contacted, in turn will be expected to contact others.

Groups growing up in other colleges will be completely independent. "Harvard, in this case, in merely the sparkplug, giving the idea to other schools," Richardson stated. The local organization may, however, keep track of the number of signatures solicited nationally.

Harvard Name Absent

The Harvard name will not appear on any petitions about the movement. "We are acting as individuals, not as Harvard students," Richardson said. "We do not want to give McCarthy the opportunity to blast this as a movement inspired by what he calls 'Harvard pinks.'"

Richardson expects at least 1,000 citizens to be contacted by participating University students. He hopes that at least 50 percent of these will respond. Beginning efforts will be directed toward "educated" small newspaper editors.

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