HAA to Retain '54 Ticket Setup

The present H.A.A. ticket system will continue next year in substantially the same form, ticket manager Frank Lunden said yesterday.

The main change in procedure is likely to be a requirement that students use checks, rather than cash, to pay for their additional ticket applications. A cancelled check would provide any student who applied for a ticket but did not receive it with a means of verifying his application, Lunden explained.

Aside from this possible improvement, Lunden felt that the new ticket system had been a great success. After processing over 150,000 tickets this fall, he had high praise for the brown envelope plan.

Although he and his staff have been forced to spend three extra days each week handling ticket applications, Lunden said that the new athletic cardeased ticket processing by eliminating lines and giving his office a check on every ticket. "From the accounting standpoint, it gives us perfect control," he added.

In the future, the ticket system can work even more smoothly, he continued, if students pick up their filled applications promptly. "Too many forget to pick up their envelopes at the Houses on time and create confusion in our office by coming in while we're processing graduate and alumni requests," he said.