HAA to Give Members of Faculty Free Athletic Participation Tickets

"Mens sana in corpore sano!" proclaimed Charles H. Taylor, Henry Charles Lea Professor of Mediaeval History and chairman of the Faculty Committee on Athletic Sports.

So, in order to extend faculty-student relationships to the rubbing as well as the dinner table, the Committee authorized athletic participation cards for the, faculty.

But while students pay for their right to exercise on University property in the $200 added to their tuition, faculty members get their participation tickets free.

More for Less

According to Frank O. Lunden of the Athletic Department, "A dozen or 15 faculty members have already applied for athletic participation cards."

Faculty exercise, however, may be expensive from a physical standpoint. Norman W. Fradd, Director of Physical Training, declined to comment on the general physical condition of faculty athletes, but he was careful to mention that he "used to have a conditioning class for the faculty on Tuesdays and Thursdays, four or five years ago."

But Harlon P. Hanson '46, director of Advanced Standing and a sculler, commented, "I'll have to get into condition for the conditioning."