The Mail

To the Editors of the CRIMSON:

The Saturday before Thanksgiving I saw the annual Yale-Harvard football game. It was 50 years ago I was at the same game, except at New Haven rather than Cambridge. What makes me wonder more and more is that so little has been changed. The classic words and tunes on Saturday were as refreshing as when first heard 50 years ago. And, still more remarkable, the enthusiasm and finer feeling of loyalty were still the same. Having gone to both universities I am puzzled why I did not decide which was better last week. By no means can I explain it. Yet I did understand how each band and each massed group of singers reciprocated with an alternating courtesy of silence while the others were doing their stunts. --Ralph M. Harper.

P.S.--On second thought there was one thing which had been changed. Without having to crash the gates or sneak under the fence I saw last week's game scot free--thanks to the Radio's grandstand seat.