Lawrence Gives Pusey Honorary Doctor of Laws

President Pusey returns to Appleton, Wis., Wednesday for the first time since he became President of Harvard, to receive an honorary degree from Lawrence College.

Lawrence, which Pusey headed for ten years before coming to Harvard, will present an honorary Doctor of Laws degree to him on Thursday at its weekly student convocation. Afterwards, its trusteees will hold a luncheon reception for him.

The college will disregard a precedent in granting the degree. Lawrence does not make a practice of awarding honorary degrees to people who have already received them from other colleges. Pusey has already received six such degrees.

According to a Lawrence spokesman, however, this precedent can be broken for people who have given the college "extraordinary service." In the past, Lawrence has also made exceptions for John S. Millis, President of Western Reserve, and Henry M. Wriston, President of Brown. Millis is a former dean of Lawrence and Wriston was its president before Pusey.

The President, who holds honorary degrees from Yale, Brown, Columbia, Wesleyan, Coe, and Ripon, will return immediately after the ceremonies.