Fyock Continues At Tailback Post In Varsity Drills

Sum Fyock played out of the tailback post in Lloyd Jordan's principal backfield unit yesterday as the varsity football team began drills for Saturday's game against Brown.

Fyock started in the absence of the team's top two tailbacks, Matt Botsford and Jim Joslin, both out with injuries. Botsford, suffering from an arm injury inflicted in the Ohio game, worked out lightly in pads, and avoided contact work. Jordan is not sure when the sophomore tailback will be able to return to full-scale action.

Joslin, sidelined with a bad charley horse after the first quarter of the Princeton game, was not even in uniform, but should be back early this week. "He's okay," Jordan said. "He just needs plenty of rest."

Meigs to Return

Also missing from the workout was key guard Bill Meigs, who suffered a broken nose in Saturday's game. Meigs will be back, probably today, equipped with a face mask.


Jordan, who describes the Brown offense as "the best-rounded we've faced," scrimmaged his varsity against the freshmen, mainly on offense in the lengthy drill, alternating long and short passes by Fyock and Phil Haughey.

Teaming with them in the first backfield were regulars Jerry Marsh at quarterback, Tony Gianelly at fullback, and Bob Cowles at wing.

After the workout, Jordan praised the team's playing against Princeton. "Any time you win a Big Three game, it's an accomplishment," he said, commending the work of end Bob Cochran, Gianelly and Meigs against the Tigers. "Cochran played his best game," he added.