Let Style Be Your Guide

Dior and the ultra new look were damned by the ladies this Fall as the clothes-conscious 'Cliffedweller decided under pressure that she really did not look better with that flat look and low waist-line. Instead, she has taken on that bulky look while trimming her jersey and wool with cuffs, collars, buttons and fur. The girls have discovered that men do not like the Radcliffe white shirt and dirty sneaker wardrobe and are making an honest attempt to acquire the appearance and air of well dressed and sophisticated young ladies.

The Radcliffe rejection of the Dior proposal has put with the college women of the East. Her insistence on comfort over submission East. Her insistence on comfort over submission has also won her the admiration of eastern college males, whose sincere hope it is that she will conform moderately to innovations but will still retain her will power to resist anomalies.

For men, loafers and Dacron hose have retained their popularity. The most practical shoe is still the Cordovan with plain toe. Contrary to common belief, Cordovan is not a brand name, but refers to any shoe made of horse-hide, the toughest of leathers used in shoemaking.

The traditional reccoon coat fedes farther into the past and the bulky coat of recent years gives way to the lighter, weather repellent fabrics with zip-in linings. That felt hat still crown the style of Harvard's well dressed man.

The rejuvenated weskit is making a desperate attempt to become part of the attire of today's stylish young man, and well it may. At any rate, there appears to be no Dior in sight who will, in the near future, set feat in the hearts of fashion wise Harvard males by upsetting the register of today's styles.