Council Approves Publicity Groups; Drops Control of Scholarship Aid

Committees to Aid University News Office In Releases to Home-town Papers, Alumni

In an effort to present to the country an undistorted picture of the College, the Student Council yesterday formed two committees to handle public relations. The committees will specifically deal with publicizing student activities in home town newspapers and with increasing the publicity role of alumni.

Recommendations for the move came directly from a Council report on the present status of the College's public relations, prepared by James G. Hatcher '56 and Charles L. Edson '56. The Council approved the report by a vote of 12 to 0, with one abstention. Yesterday's Council vote formally set up the committees; their specific makeup will be determined at a later date.

The Student News Committee will act primarily as a reporter for the University News Office, by collecting information about students prominence in extra-curricular activities. These items will supplement those on students receiving academic honors which the News Office regularly sends to home-town newspapers for possible publication.

A short description of particular extra curricular activities, especially ones concerning the Houses and the intramural athletic system, will accompany the news items in order to acquaint the public with these aspects of undergraduate life.

Three Major Functions

The Alumni Relations Committee will perform three major functions in increasing the effectiveness of alumni as publicity for the College.

First, the committee will publish information on the mechanics of the University's operation so that alumni can "favorably interpret Harvard's position on controversial issues." Alumni will also be encouraged to join Harvard Club branches and to subscribe to the Alumni Bulletin.

Finally, the committee will example a file on undergraduates qualified to speak before Harvard Club functions or similar before Harvard Club functions or similar gatherings. The report recommends that the group be made up of representatives from the alumni, administrative and student bodies.

Opposes Application Fee

In closing recommendations, the report also asked the Council to go on record as opposing the proposed ten dollar application fee and suggested more publicity from the Athletic Department on sports other than football, hockey, and basketball.