Houses to Name Eight Members As Council Representatives Today

Upperclassmen will choose eight House Student Council Representatives in elections today. Twenty-two juniors and six sophomores, including three incumbents, are competing for the positions.

Eliot and Kirkland have the largest number of candidates, with five apiece. The Eliot House candidates are Lurton W. Blassingame '56, Rollin B. Norris '56, Arthur C. Rutter '56, David K. Sirota '56, and David W. Torris '57.

Two incumbents, Roger C. Ravel '56, the present House representative, and Allen Williams '57, a sophomore class representative, are running for Kirkland. House Representative against Doyle B. Garrett '56, Kenneth G. Swan '56, and a former Council member, Albert B. Levin '56.

Adams House nominees include Lawrence M. Abrahams '56, Gerald L. Cherry '56, Reuben F. Gittes '56, and Kenneth I. Shine '57. Those running from Lowell House are George M. Fredrickson '56, John R. Green '56, Orlan S. Lee '56, and John W. Van Doren '56.

John A. Coyne '56, Alain C. deVergie '57, and Arnold M. Kagan '56 are the candidates from Dudley House, where voting started yesterday.

Leverett House has three candidates, Frank H. Baker '56, Joel C. Gersten '56, and Hermann A. Kopp '57. Winthrop House nominees are David C. Baum '56 and Edward V. Keating, Jr. '56, while present Council member James G. Hatcher '56 opposes Thor H. Thors '56 in the Dunster House election.

Joseph D. Murphy '55 of Adams House, a Council Elections Committee member, said last night, "I think most of the races will be close."