Council Committee Will Investigate Student Employment System Here

The Student Council last night established a special committee to investigate student employment here.

Speculating that there will be an increased number of students needing part-time work in the next few years, Geoffrey H. Ball '55, appointed chairman of the committee, called for an investigation into the jobs created by the University, the equalization of wages in respect to non-student employees, and outside employment.

Ball cited several reasons for the increased need for employment. He stated that increased scholarship aid will bring more students from low-income families. In addition, the possibilities of economic recession might affect the resources of students here, as well as the possibility of increased college costs with disproportionate rise in wages.

At present some Cantabrigians are being paid higher wages than students for the same jobs--both being on a part-time basis, Ball stated. The committee will investigate justification of this inequality and means to rectify the situation.

"It would seem only fair that the opportunities that exist by virtue of the existence of this college be offered to the student if he needs such funds as would accrue from such employment," Ball added.

The Council also authorized James G. Hatcher, Jr. '56 to investigate the publicity system here to find out methods by which the University is being improved in the eyes of the American community. The committee will attempt to recommend ways of publicizing the College in order to counteract the negative publicity it is "always receiving."

In a preliminary report, Hatcher stated, "It is vital to show that America's leading role in the world is due in good measure to the intellectual endeavors of men in college."