Riot in Cell 28

Cabbages & Kings

"Hiya kid. Whatsa matter, your Pop forget to give yuh allowance this week? Never mind--Freddie will go bail for yuh. You look like a honest kid."

"Err ... Thanks."

"New, I get a bang from helpin' people out. And look, kid, in case you think maybe about not answering the summons, remember it'll cost me $50 an'you wouldn't want to do that to summone who's helpin' you out, would you?"

"Oh, no, sir."

"That's right. I like helpin' you."


"Oh ... thank you." I had been collecting my things from the desk sergeant. Having signed the receipt, I headed for the door.

"Say, kid, that'll be ten bucks. I don't get that much bang from helpin' no one."

I paid, and left, feeling like George Raft.