Winthrop Most Popular In '57 House Selections

Eliot House Second; Lowell Third Choice

Winthrop has become the most popular of the College's seven Houses.

Second and third in the standings are Eliot and Lowell, respectively, according to preferences expressed on House application by the current freshman class. Dunster, Adams, Kirkland, and Leverett, in that order, are the fourth to seventh most desirable Houses, in the opinion of the Class of '57.

Freshman House preferences this year are quite favorably distributed, Dean Watson said yesterday, and consequently more than 60 percent of the applicants will probably be admitted to the House of their first choice. Freshmen will receive notice of their House assignment around May 13.


Winthrop, Eliot, and Lowell, the three Houses heading this year's preference list, have consistently led in popularity, and have alternated during the last few years in occupying the top position, Ronald M. Ferry '12, Winthrop Housemaster, said last night.

Winthrop's capturing of first place this year, however, represents a substantial jump from 1953, when the Puritans placed fourth in an unofficial freshman poll conducted in the Union. Meanwhile, Lowell, which last year was first in freshman preference, has dropped to third place; and Eliot, which ranked fifth in the 1953 poll, has risen to second.


Adams Drops to Fifth

Other changes in House popularity since last year include Dunster's dropping from third to fourth place and a skid from second to fifth for Adams. Kirkland and Leverett were in sixth and seventh positions, respectively, in 1953, as they are again this year.

Approximate totals of first place choices on '57 House applications reveal that 217 freshmen prefer Winthrop, as compared to 206 for Eliot and 187 for Lowell. Preference totals for the other four Houses were not available.

Few Winthrop Vacancies

But Winthrop with its 217 applicants, has only 134 sophomore vacancies for next fall--third smallest number of any of the Houses. Eliot can accommodate 171 members of the Class of '57, while Lowell has room for 199.

Of the other four Houses, Dunster has 125 vacancies for incoming freshmen, Adams has 126, Kirkland 136, and Leverett 119. The rooms range in size from singles to six-man suites, and in price from $115 to $240 per term.

Under the currently operating 70 percent rule, no House can accept all its first place applicants, but each must fill 30 percent of its vacancies with second and third-choice preferences.