'Cliffe Council Joins Forces with PBH For Trial Service Work Affiliation

The Radcliffe Student Council decided Monday to affiliate its community service volunteer committee with Phillips Brooks House, by a unanimous vote. The joint committee will operate on a trial basis for two years. It will then be reconsidered and a permanent vote taken.

'Cliffites will be affiliates, not members of PBH. They will not have a vote on policy matters although they will be given an opportunity to voice their opinions.

Neal Hastie '52, Graduate Secretary of PBH, suggested the merger over a month ago. Miss Emily B. Lacey, Dean of Residence at Radcliffe, and Clementine K. Kuhlman '55, president of Student Government, have been working with Hastie on the plans.

"I hope that the greater scope of activities and contact with a large, well-established organization such as PBH will attract an even larger number of girls to community service work," Miss Kuhlman commented.