Burr Named Successor To Lee on Corporation

Board of Overseers Approves Selection

Francis H. Burr '35, director of the Alumni Association, yesterday was elected a member of the Corporation, succeeding Dr. Roger I. Lee '02, who retired recently after 24 years as a Fellow.

Burr's election by the seven-member Corporation was approved yesterday by the Board of Overseers, which exercises the power of review in University affairs.

A graduate of the Law School, Burr has been a partner in the Boston law firm of Ropes, Gray, Best, Coolidge and Rugg since 1947. He first came to the firm in 1937.

Lee Was Senior Member

During World War II Burr served as a naval air combat intelligence officer.


Lee, Burr's Corporation predecessor, attended Corporation meetings with three presidents--A. Lawrence Lowell, James B. Conant, and Nathan M. Pusey, and was the group's senior member at the time of his retirement. A former Oliver Henry Professor of Hygiene, Lee has practiced medicine in Boston for over 40 years. He was 73 at the time of his retirement.

Burr, who is 39, majored in History and Literature here and was football manager his senior year. He now lives in Hamilton, Mass., with his wife and three children.

Joins Six Others

As a member of the Corporation, Burr will serve with the President, Treasurer, and four other Fellows. The Corporation holds all University property and votes all permanent appointments and budgets. A self perpetuating body, the group meets every two weeks during the school year.

Other members of the Corporation with Burr are President Pusey, Paul C. Cabot, treasurer of the University, and Fellows Charles A. Coolidge '17, R. Keith Kane '22, William L. Marbury, and Thomas S. Lamont '21.

Marbury, Coolidge, and Kane are all attorneys. Kane served as a special assistant to the Secretary of the Navy during the war. Lamont is a partner in J. P. Morgan and a former Overseer.

Six of the seven Corporation members are graduates of the College. Marbury graduated from Johns Hopkins, but attended the Law School.

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