Kremlin Will Continue to Dominate China, Wedemeyer Tells Young GOP

Communist China will be under the domination of Russia throughout the immediate future, Gen. Albert C. Wedemeyer, former chief of staff to General-issimo Chiang Kai-Shek, told the Young Republican Club yesterday.

Wedemeyer, who knows personally both Red Chinese premier Mao Tse-Tung and foreign minister Chou En-Lai, pointed out that both of these leaders "owe everything they have to Moscow." There is no chance of our creating a cleavage between Russia and China in the foreseeable future," he said.

Speaking in Dunster Junior Common Room, Wedemeyer characterized Mao and Chou as men with "selfish, sinister motives." Neither of them is working for the Chinese people, he asserted.

The retired general, now vice-president and director of the Avco Corporation, blamed the West's loss of China during the last decade on its "failure to indicate continued support for Chiang's Nationalist government." Right after the last war "the Chinese loved us," he said, but they became disillusioned "when we failed to support their leader."

Corruption Everywhere


In reply to the charge that Chiang's government was corrupt and badly administrated, Wedemeyer pointed out that the Kefauver committee crime hearings unearthed corruption in the United States, too.

Asked what U. S. policy should be in Indochina, the general, who in 1947 made a special survey of the Far East for President Truman, said that his immediate solution of the problem would be for this country, France, and the United Nations all to promise Indochina her independence. "That would put the natives on our side and refute the Communist propaganda," he asserted.

Although Wedemeyer thinks the present political situation in China will continue for some time, he opposed admitting that country to the U. N. now. Red China's seat in the U. N. would represent "a small hard core of Reds," he said.