Committee Report to Reject Saturday Attendance Change

Cohen, Wolff Seek Fast Council Action

The Committee on Saturday Attendance will present a report before the Student Council tonight demanding continuance of the present policy in regard to Saturday classes.

The report is based on three polls testing opinions on the Saturday attendance issue among students, Faculty members and the College Administration.

Gerald A. Wolff '55 and Roger C. Cohen '55, co-chairmen of the committee, said last night they will plead for immediate action by the Council in order to forestall a possible administrative move toward imposing stricter attendance regulations.

The Committee report quotes Dean of Students Delmar Leighton '19 as stating that "a certain amount of paternalism is called for in this area." Cohen added yesterday that although Dean Bundy refused to comment specifically, "he appeared to side with Dean Leighton's view."

Of 2,300 students participating in the poll, only 30 percent said they have taken more than two Saturday class cuts during the past six weeks. In addition, another 30 percent of the men polled reported they have taken no cuts at all during the same period.


Oppose Change

Over half of the students polled asserted that they were opposed to any change in the present administrative policy, while another 14 percent showed a preference for "sanctions imposed by individual professors acting on their own initiative." Only four percent felt that the College should begin a new policy of limited Saturday class cuts.

Of the 35 faculty members teaching Saturday classes with enrollments over 50, 43 percent insisted that no change in the present policy of attendance is warranted. No teacher questioned said he would prefer to replace his weekend classes with afternoon sessions on Tuesday or Thursday.

Sargent Kennedy '28, Registrar of the College, who would be in charge of implementing any change in attendance policy, told the Council Committee that an almost prohibitive expense would be required by taking attendance in all Saturday classes.