New Football Seating Plans Up to Faculty

Faculty Committee Reviews Two Proposals from Councils

Two new seating plans for football games took shape last night as the result of a meeting of the Faculty Committee on Athletics.

Although the Committee would not announce specific details, it revealed that it is considering two similar plans, one submitted by the Undergraduate Committee on Athletics, and the other by the Student Council.

Faculty committee members said that final ticket arrangements would be made public sometime during June or early summer.

Facing the nine-man board are three problems: the size of groups which can sit together; the allocation procedure; and punitive measures to be taken against illegal sale of tickets.

The plan of the Undergraduate Committee on Athletics calls for groups of no more than six undergraduates, plus their dates, sitting together at a game. It also proposes that recognized organizations be allowed to sit together as separate groups. Their application for tickets would be taken at random from the lowest class in any group.

The Student Council plan does not specify the size of any group of students which can apply for tickets.

The Faculty Committee is further weighing the merits of an Athletic Council plan to distribute tickets through the House athletic secretary. This plan, if adopted, might include a provision for the House superintendent to assist in allocation.

Under the Student Council proposal, tickets would be distributed by mail. This plan would require students to carry a special athletic identification card with their own picture printed on it.