Pusey Comments On Alumni's Role In Army Hearings

President Pusey last night wryly lamented that Harvard graduates were so intimately involved in what he called "this rather undesirable side-show going on in Washington."

Ruefully admitting that "the lawyers on both sides find they are Harvard graduates," Pusey added, "I do not want to admit it, but I have to, this private also went to Harvard."

The references were clearly to Army lawyer Joseph N. Welch, LL.B. '17 and his assistant, James St. Clair, LL.B. '41 on the Stevens side. But the only Harvard graduate with the forces of Senator McCarthy is one of the Senator's investigators, George Anastos '38, LL.B. '41.

The reference to the private is to G. David Schine '49, the former unpaid consultant to the McCarthy committee and the object of the present controversy.

Pusey's remarks were delivered at an informal dinner given for him and James R. Killian, Jr., president of M.I.T., and administrators of the two institutions by Mayor John J. Foley and the Cambridge City Council, at the Hotel Commander.

"But this is not the end of our degradation," added Pusey. "From the very beginning of the Republic, there has been no moment in its history that Harvard has not been deeply involved supplying the people to give form all the years along."

"We are pound of the fact that it is not only when the Democrats were in power, but now the people in Moscow, Brussels, Paris, London and Sweden are all Harvard graduates too.

"We like to think they can't get along without us," he concluded.

Killian paid tribute to Cambridge for "its benign influence on three such great institutions as Harvard, M.I.T. and Radcliffe, permitted to flourish here."