Senators Will Testify Before Kamin Judge

Three United States Senators will appear as government witnesses next Monday when the contempt trial of Leon J. Kamin '49 resumes again.

Senators Everett M. Dirksen, of Illinois, Karl E. Mundt, of South Dakota, and Charles E. Potter, of Michigan, have all been subpoenaed and will leave their home states for Boston this weekend.

Dirksen and Mundt had originally asked to be excused from appearing when Kamin's trial opened two weeks ago. They told the Boston U.S. Attorney's office that they had long-standing speech commitments, but named other times when their schedules would be open.

Potter came to Boston for the trial's first day, but left again when it appeared he would not be called for several days.

The delays in Kamin's trial, apparently caused by a crowded legal calendar, have thus made it possible for the Senators to appear in the normal course of the case. The trial has only resumed once, this Monday, since it recessed Oct. 13.

The three Senators, all Republicans, were the other members of Senator Joseph R. McCarthy's Investigating Subcommittee when Kamin was called before it. The Democratic members were not then participating.

Dirksen, Mundt, and Potter were not present, however, at the actual hearing where Kamin refused to answer.