Crew Stroked by Jordan Is Winner Of Hackers Cup

Henry Jordan stroked his oarsmen to a length and a half win over three other Crimson heavy eights yesterday in the varsity's annual "Hackers Memorial" challenge race. The four crews covered a Charles River course of just over three-quarters of a mile with near-freezing temperatures and a 15 mile per hour tail wind.

Two other varsity crews, stroked by Nick Platt and Carlos Zezza, trailed in that order, while a boat of graduate Crimson oarsmen finished last.

All four boats got off to a good start and raced in a dead heat approaching the quarter-mile marker. Then Jordan's experienced crew begain to pull away. By the three-eights post, Jordan, the stroke of last year's once-defeated freshman heavy crew, had his boat ahead by a length and a quarter. Platt's boat led Zezza and the graduates, still even, by a quarter-length.

Age took its toll in the last half of the race and the graduates began to fade. At the half, Jordan increased his lead to a length and a half, while Platt, Zezza, and the graduate crew followed, each separated by a quarter-length.

The winning boat was composed of Henry Jordan (stroke); Stu Hussey (7); Geoff Locke (6); Ed McCagg (5); Charlie Atkinson (4); Joe Hajek (3); Harry Fitzgibbons (2); Dan Morgan (bow); and Reed Bement (coxswain). The time for the winners was 4:01.