Lecturer Seeks Return Engagement In Drive to Publicize Red Festivals

Mrs. Joan Gaynor, the lecturer who recently urged students to attend the Red-sponsored 1957 Moscow Youth Festival, yesterday asserted that she would like to make a return engagement if she could obtain the invitation and financial backing of some group at the University.

The only club contacted last night which indicated interest in inviting Mrs. Gaynor, was the Social-Democratic Forum. The club will consider, according to secretary Edward W. Averill '56, sponsoring a lecture by the former delegate to last summer's festival in Warsaw, as an educational, rather than a political project.

Other political and debating groups were reticent about actively promoting Mrs. Gaynor's attempts to publicize the Communist-directed youth conventions. The political forum does not object to Mrs. Gaynor's speaking at the University, but is not "eager" about her visit, and certainly would not undertake to sponsor her, chairman William C. Brady, president of the New Conservative Club said.

After Mrs. Gaynor's lecture at P.B.H. a week ago, students were warned by Clive Grey, vice president of the National Student Association, that she was publicizing a Communist cause.

Laurence H. Scott 1G, Mrs. Gaynor's only "contact" at the University, said that it would be "fair" for a college organization to invite her for a return engagement and, as she requested, to detray some of her travel expenses.