Freshman Strongman Presses 240 Pounds

The Harvard weightlifting record was broken Saturday by freshman Jim Doty in the Attleboro YMCA Open Weightlifting Meet. Doty cleaned and pressed 240 pounds.

Competing against two Olympic lifters he placed eighth in the heavyweight division.

Doty, who started lifting when he was 13, began his training at the Waltham YMCA. As a representative of the Noble and Greenough School, the heavyweight won the M.I.T. high school weightlifting contest last year.

Earlier this year, Doty, Ed McKirdy, and George Skokan matched strength with Emerson, Boston University, Northeastern, and Eastern Nazarene lifters in the P.B.H. clinic.

Doty is currently trying to form a college weightlifting club. He said that there were many boys in the college who would like to lift and that Harvard could "meet M.I.T. with some hard work."