Yard Six Coasts to 19-1 Win After Close Weekend Test

The Yardling hockey team had a breather Watson rink yesterday, after beating previously undefeated Dartmouth on Saturday, 3 to 1. The breather gave the freshmen a 19-1 victory--their thirteenth straight.

In both games the Yardlings proved themselves to be a third-period team. Last period goals by Alex Kalil and Bob McVey against Dartmouth erased a 1-0 deficit. Against undermanned Wellesley the freshmen scored ten times in the final stanza.

Coach John White alternated four lines yesterday in the short 36-minute game. His first trio of Captain McVey, Bob Cleary, and Lyle Guttu accounted for eight goals, four of them by Cleary. Third line wings Jack Hennessey and Tim Clark each made the hat trick, and Kalil scored twice.

White's defensive corps has been bolstered by the return of Dan Ullyot of St-Paul, Minn., who has fully recovered from a knee operation during the Christmas vacation. The next Yardling contest is at Andover on Wednesday.